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Think postcards and what comes to your mind? Being away from home and penning down your thoughts and travel tales on a card that will travel to your near and dear ones.

Postcards on Explore Television are just that …compact little carriers of travel anecdotes and memories from India and around the globe. From Cypriot cuisine to the Taj Mahal …from Adventure Sports in Canada to the Lucknowi art of Chikankari ..Explore Television’s Postcards will showcase colourful and enticing travel tales and human experiences from around the world.

So, every time you tune into Explore Television a postcard awaits you - waiting to open your mind.

Explore Creative Team | Show Timing: 5'-8' Daily


orlds Wonders

The world is full of man-made wonders - cities, buildings, edifices, monuments, religious sites, art, jewellery... Few of us can expect to know or see them all. So we have compiled this series from antiquity to the present day, to catalogue some of the world’s most spectacular manmade structures. Some may be expected, others completely unknown, but World’s Wonders brings you some astonishing insights into these famous names.

Show Timing: Monday - 10pm

Discovering The World Travelogues on some of the best travel destinations from around the world…

Show Timing: Tuesday & Sunday - 10pm
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Livewire with Ash
‘Livewire with Ash’ is a rivetingly relevant program – a first in the Travel space for the Indian traveler to get topical, pertinent and reliable information.  Every week on Livewire, host Ashwini Kakkar interviews an expert from the travel and tourism industry on how they view the Indian traveler and their organization’s future plans for India.
Show Timing: Wednesday - 10pm
Do you have a question on travel for an expert on our show?
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Master Of The Spirits

Long ago, Earth was dominated by supernatural Spirits living in the forest. Man lived in perfect harmony with them, thanks to a sacred alliance he concluded with the animals. This common destiny protected man from these Spirits.

Today, throughout the world, there exist ethnic minorities whose daily lives continue to bear witness to contemporary myths: these legends are their faith, and the animals are their gods. They keep alive the sacred alliance between man and the animals of the wild.

By recounting such extraordinary true stories, THE MASTER OF THE SPIRITS has sought out these people, who continue to share incredible adventures with animals, hoping to receive protection from the Spirits.

From the hunter horsemen of the Cameroons to the eagle tamers of Kyrgyzstan, this series features face to face encounters between men and animals.

ZED, LA CINQUIEME, RAI 3, VOYAGE | Show Timing: Thursday - 10pm
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Ticket To

Watch Ticket To an exciting show on Explore Television that packs the best of world famous destinations. Places as diverse and amazing as Australia, Turkey, Ladakh and Ireland are on the list. For every destination, Ticket To showcases the choicest experiences and landmarks and presents the best in culture and lifestyle that is on offer, in a captivating package. So, week after week, go destinations hopping with us, on a ‘free’ Ticket from us!

Show Timing: Friday - 10pm


Ray Mears

Watch what happens when the doyen of survival, Ray Mears, sets up home in a different inhospitable location each week and not only survives but enjoys it too!

Ray Mears explores extraordinary stories of what happens when someone suddenly finds themselves without the back-up of the 20th century. For all their modern technology and sophisticated lifestyles, humans are fragile creatures, out of place in most parts of the world and unable to survive for long without proper clothing and food and water. Ray looks at astonishing stories of survival, alongside tragic tales of lonely deaths. He talks to international scientists and medical experts and uses his own expertise to illustrate the best ways of surviving in extreme conditions.

Ray Mears takes great pains to play down any suggestion of being an Indiana Jones-style adventurer, but he sure can turn a caribou into a pair of shoes. He also eats bizarre bugs at the drop of a hat, and is a skilled hunter with bows and arrows. He has trekked through Africa, hacked his way through rain forests, and survived sub-zero temperatures in Canada...

BBC Worldwide | Show Timing: Saturday - 10pm


Ray Mears

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